Securing the digital asset ecosystem

BTQ builds post-quantum infrastructure to enable the next generation of energy-efficient blockchain networks.

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Enabling an on-chain future

Our technologies focus on ensuring blockchain networks' long term health and security.

Quantum Security

Compact post-quantum signature schemes to safeguard assets from advancements in quantum computing.

Verifiable Scripting

Flexible smart contracts platforms with formal verification built in, allowing mathematical verification.

Eco-friendly Mining

Algorithms that require significantly less energy and cost to operate, enabling blockchains that are eco-friendly.


Olivier Roussy Newton

Managing Director

Chen-Mou Cheng

Scientific Advisor

Ming-Yang Chih

Chief Technology Officer

Nicolas Roussy Newton

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Lavelle

Chief Legal Officer

Po-Chun Kuo

Head of Cryptography

Dr. Grass-Strasse 12
9490 Vaduz