Securing the digital asset ecosystem

オンチェーンのセキュアなデジタルアセット エコシステム

BTQ は、耐量子インフラを構築し、量子セキュアかつエネルギー効率の高い次世代ブロックチェーンネットワークを実現します

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Enabling an on‑chain future

Quantum Security | 量子セキュリティ


Verifiable Scripting | 検証可能なスクリプト


Eco-friendly Mining | エコフレンドリーマイニング


About us



  • Olivier Roussy Newton (オリヴィエ・ルッシー・ニュートン)

    Chief Executive Officer | 最高経営責任者
  • Ming-Yang Chih (池 明洋 チー・ミンヤン)

    Chief Technology Officer | 最高技術責任者
  • Nicolas Roussy Newton (ニコラス・ルッシー・ニュートン)

    Chief Operating Officer | 最高執行責任者
  • Peter Lavelle (ピーター・ラヴェル)

    Chief Legal Officer | 最高法務責任者
  • Chen-Mou Cheng (鄭 振牟 チェン・チェンモウ)

    Chief Scientific Advisor | 最高科学顧問
  • Po-Chun Kuo (郭 博鈞 コウ・ポーチュン)

    Head of Cryptography | 暗号技術統括責任者

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BTQ Welcomes Wei-Chih Hong as Head of Hardware Engineering

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Veteran researcher in cryptographic hardware research joins as Head of Hardware Engineering BTQ is proud to announce the appointment of Wei-Chih Hong …

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Long-Term Security Solutions for CBDCs

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Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are collateralized by fiat money, commodities or other cryptocurrencies and have reached a record high market …

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NIST Announces the 1st International PQC Standards

| 6 min read

NIST Announcing Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms for Standardization NIST has officially announced the standardized algorithms from Round 3 of …

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